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Diamond Drilling & Sawing

Expertise in Diamond Drilling, Sawing, Chasing, Breaking Out & Bursting in London & the South East.
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Welcome to Frog Diamond Drilling

Skills and Expertise in Diamond Drilling, Diamond Sawing, Brokking, Concrete Bursting
Health and Safety - Bursting Concrete
Openings in Concrete, Brokking, Diamond Drilling
Projects - Diamond drilling, Brokking, Chasing, Bursting concrete

Why Frog should be First for all your Diamond Drilling Needs

We work on measured Rates only, This means:

  • We will carry out your drilling solely on these measured rates, irrespective of the quantity of holes you require.
  • There are no qualifications to these rates and, therefore, no extras for moving around the site, water control or working out of sequence.
  • If you can define the scope of the works before we arrive on site, we can confirm your costs before we attend site.
  • You can price your bills of Quantity on these rates, knowing that we will carry out the works for the rates in your B/Q.

There is no minimum call out charge. Applications for payment are in a daily computerized B/Q format, making variation orders and contra charges easy to identify.

Call us on 01474 323377 before 5pm and we guarantee to be on site next day.

Discount on these rates can be negotiated for major projects and Group Agreements. For a copy of our rates please call Graham Parker. For more information please feel free to Contact Us.


  • Diamond Drilling
  • Diamond Sawing
  • Bursting Concrete
  • Openings in Concrete
  • Openings in Blockwork
  • Openings in Brickwork
  • Chasing
  • Brokking & Demolition

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Frog Diamond Drilling

Unit F6
Springhead Enterprise Park
Springhead Road
DA11 8HH

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01474 323 377

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